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  With the launch of the Trafficking In Persons Report 2021 imminent, Ireland's government will be anxiously awaiting the news of how the country has fared under international scrutiny. Yearly, the U.S. State Department assesses the performance of countries around...
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Escape from Juju Oaths

Thursday, 20 May 2021 14:56
 In 2018, His Royal Majesty Oba Ewuare II, Oba of the historic kingdom of Benin in southern Nigeria, issued a proclamation offering hope to victims of human trafficking. In his capacity as supreme spiritual leader, he revoked the Juju...
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Juju Rituals

Thursday, 20 May 2021 13:58
  Human traffickers in Nigeria have used these oaths to coerce girls and women into the sex trade in Europe, and in other parts, and used them too to keep those engaged in the trade. Some of the details of...
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The Trafficking in Persons Report, sometimes simply known as the TIP Report, is a fascinating document. At first glance it is merely a governmental report. In practise it is much more. It goes far beyond the limitations of most...
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What does it mean to be a slave?

Friday, 17 February 2017 12:26
  One interesting area of research is the relationship between slavery and slave. One might think that in some way the two should be one-and-the-same, that they are somehow interchangeable. What is clear from research however is how slavery is...
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Beyond slavery's facade

Wednesday, 08 February 2017 19:40
    The eyes, it is said, are the gateway to the soul. Yet our eyes can deceive us. When it comes to slavery (or human trafficking) nothing should ever be taken at face value. Many arguments about it are premised...
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Witchcraft in the modern slave trade

Monday, 06 February 2017 21:23
    The word witchcraft conjures an assortment of images. Most, if not all of them, are ones associated with an understanding of witchcraft as it applies to Europe or to the West. Mention Voodoo or Juju however and now a...
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What is human trafficking?

Wednesday, 01 February 2017 17:18
  What is human trafficking? With so many mentions in the media nowadays one would think the meaning of the human trafficking should be clear. This is not the case however. The term is often used even when it is...
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It is seldom that those who are enslaved encounter much by way of good luck. This is not always the case however. Since about the year 2000 immense work has been done to further the plight of the world’s...

Happening Now

Towards safer migration: Countering human trafficking in an integrated South Asia

Human trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry globally, and a human rights violation disproportionally affecting women and youth.

NBI-7 readies human trafficking raps against former cop, another man

NBI-7 to file charges of large scale human trafficking vs two owners of two massage parlors that alllegedly offer extra service to clients.

Macomb domestic violence shelter adds human trafficking survivor program

The Mount Clemens shelter received a $400,000 grant to create the program that offers housing and trauma-informed care.

UK politicians seek change to modern slavery laws to ease migrant crisis

Conservative MPs say simple change to legislation would make it easier to return 'bogus asylum seekers'

Scottish 'domestic abuse register' backed by groups as Tories call for support

Pam Gosal MSP has brought forward the bill, which would create a system similar to the Sex Offenders Register with a reporting system for crimes...

Bill 41 to protect victims of human trafficking from coerced debt

Bill 41 would amend the Consumer Protection Act to prohibit financial institutions and collections agencies from collecting debts human trafficking victims accumulated while being trafficked.

Home Office records only one case of diphtheria at Manston despite 50 reported

The government is being urged to explain their official data on the number of people with the disease

Traffickers adopt new method, perform family planning implants on victims

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), has raised the alarm that human traffickers have adopted the method of

Human trafficking in Glasgow as criminal gangs profit from slavery and sexual exploitation

Police figures show a rise in the number of reported cases in Scotland, with the Greater Glasgow area having the most instances recorded over the...

Russia will ban the use of surrogate wombs by foreigners

Moscow, Nov 27 (Prensa Latina) The chairman of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, confirmed that next month a law that will prohibit foreign nationals from...

Innocence Sold: Florida’s foster system provides dangerous sex traffickers with easy access to vulnerable children

A year-long investigation by the South Florida Sun Sentinel exposed the complicity of Florida’s child welfare system in underage sex trafficking. Evidence found in government...

IFFI 2022: ‘Fatima’, a documentary on human trafficking screened at the festival

The film narrates the story of Fatima Khatun, who after escaping from the red-light area is now fighting to emancipate the girls trafficked into the...

Waynesboro supports newest store that helps human trafficking survivors

The store is an outlet for victims and survivors stepping out of the cycle of sexual exploitation.

One Piece: Addressing Real-World Issues Such as Racism and Slavery

One Piece begins to delve into darker subject matter as the truth about the World Government begins to come to the surface.

HEMAD asks Men to Take a Stand Against Human Trafficking - Milwaukee Courier Weekly Newspaper

By Karen Stokes Monday kicked off the fifth annual HEMAD campaign. HEMAD (Human trafficking Educators working with Men and boys to stand Against the Demand)...

2 men arrested for allegedly enticing minors online and by text

Two men were arrested Wednesday for allegedly enticing minors by internet or text, according to law enforcement.

5 Vietnamese human trafficking victims rescued in Paranaque

Authorities have rescued five Vietnamese women victims of human trafficking in an entrapment and rescue operation in a condo unit in Paranaque.

Brian Glendinning shares heartbreak of Iraqi prison living-hell ordeal

The Scots dad was arrested at Baghdad airport on September 12 over an alleged debt owed to the Qatar National Bank.

Criminal Code reform could stop fraudsters

Bringing Taiwan to the World and the World to Taiwan

Trio convicted of modern slavery after woman forced to give up newborn baby

The woman was beaten and imprisoned by relatives who took her baby away and forced her to sleep on the kitchen floor.

Flood and travel warning as heavy rain batters Scotland with cold snap on way

More flood alerts are in place across vast swathes of Scotland before a cold snap hits.

Man, Hycinth Enekwenchi Jailed For Attempted Trafficking Of 3 Nigerian Girls To Libya (Photo)

A Kano State high court has sentenced a 53-year-old man, Hycinth Uchechukwu Enekwechi to two years imprisonment for attempting to procure the illegal entry of...

Police hunting Scots man who failed to appear in court for burglary offences

Peter Clark has tattoos on both arms including a Union Jack, a swallow and ‘Mum and Dad’ in a heart

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David Lohan is an author and researcher on modern slavery, otherwise known as human trafficking. He encountered the issue while working with an organization providing outreach services to refugees and asylum seekers. His first book on the subject, a co-authored work, explored the present-day use of Juju & Voodoo oaths to coerce Africans into the slavery. His latest work is At Freedom's Crossroads: Making Sense of Modern Slavery. David holds a bachelor's degree in engineering, several post-graduate diplomas and a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Politics.

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