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Beyond slavery's facade

Wednesday, 08 February 2017 19:40
    The eyes, it is said, are the gateway to the soul. Yet our eyes can deceive us. When it comes to slavery (or human trafficking) nothing should ever be taken at face value. Many arguments about it are premised...

Happening Now

NIS receives 66 Nigerians trafficked to Ghana, plans handover to NAPTIP

Ms Dellir said eight ladies were picked up from different locations in Ghana, doing prostitution.

Human trafficking victim creates nonprofit to help other survivors

Kathy Bryan's faith in God led her on a journey to help others who have been in the same situation she was in -- a...

Online Safety Act: a sex worker’s view

Co-founder of ELSC, Co-Creator of “Ask A Stripper” and author of The Ethical Stripper (2022), Stacey Clare has long experience of having to work around...

Woman walking from Rapid City to the Badlands raises awareness for human trafficking

Tarita Silk is walking from Rapid City to the Badlands to raise awareness of human trafficking.

58 More Nigerians Rescued from Human Traffickers in Ghana

The total number of Nigerians rescued from human traffickers in Accra in the last three months is now 105.

Woman walking from Rapid City to the Badlands to raise awareness for Human Trafficking

Tarita Silk is walking from Rapid City to the Badlands to raise awareness for Human trafficking.

Addressing Human Trafficking at the U.S.-Mexico Border: Challenges and Solutions

Explore the complexities of human trafficking at the U.S.-Mexico border, highlighting solutions and the expertise of Intermestic Partners.

Man accused of human trafficking in Palm Coast

A Palm Coast man is accused of having sex with teens and giving them drugs, money, food, and clothes in return.

58 More Nigerians Rescued From Traffickers In Ghana

Another group of 58 Nigerian women and children have been rescued from human traffickers in Ghana, thus bringing the total number of rescued Nigerians in

Palm Coast man accused of trafficking minors is arrested, deputies say

Flagler County Sheriff's Office deputies obtained an arrest warrant for a Palm Coast suspect who was wanted for multiple felony offenses.

An ceto ’yan Najeriya 58 da aka yi safarar su zuwa Ghana

Aƙalla mata da ƙananan yara 58 ’yan Najeriya aka ceto daga hannun masu safarar mutane a Ghana.

An Idaho safe house claimed it was saving trafficking victims. Women said it was like...

Savior Complex: Lacking accountability, program took federal money and billed Medicaid for services victims say they never received

Fresh 58 trafficked Nigerians rescued in Ghana - NiDCOM

A total number of 58 Nigerian women and children have been rescued from human traffickers in Ghana. This brings the total number of rescued Nigerians...

FG announces rescue of 58 more girls trafficked in Ghana

An additional 58 girls who were trafficked to Ghana have been rescued by the federal government, as announced on Saturday.


Self-rated poverty has hit 58 percent – the highest since the 59 percent recorded in June 2008 during the Arroyo administration. This is according to...

Colombian woman accused of sex trafficking in Miami-Dade remains in jail

A 40-year-old woman was at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Saturday after one of her victims helped authorities unravel the web of lies...

Washington County Sheriff's Office Provides Active Shooter and Human Trafficking Training to Northwest Florida Community...

Last week the Washington County Sheriff’s Office provided active shooter and human trafficking training here at Northwest Florida Community Hospital for all of our associates...

Palm Coast man accused of trafficking teens; giving them drugs, clothes, and money in return...

A Palm Coast man was arrested for allegedly having sex with teenagers and giving them money, drugs, food in return, Flagler County deputies said.

Palm Coast man arrested for human trafficking, drug offenses

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office arrested a Palm Coast man earlier this week for alleged human trafficking, sexual battery against a minor and fentanyl trafficking.

Palm Coast man accused of sex trafficking minors is arrested while toting fentanyl, cocaine, sheriff’s...

A man arrested by Flagler County deputies is accused of having sex with multiple minor victims in exchange for drugs, money, clothes and food, according...

U.S. Citizen Arrested in Costa Rica for Alleged Human Trafficking Ring

Costa Rica arrests U.S. citizen for alleged human trafficking. Suspect faces charges of forcing victims into sexual services.

Children's Rescue Initiative following God's plan to save children…

The Children’s Rescue Initiative has conducted tense and dangerous operations in Northern Asia, Africa, Ghana, Pakistan and more. An estimated 2,358…

Another Batch Of 58 Trafficked Nigerians Rescued In Ghana

At least 58 Nigerian women and children have been rescued from human traffickers in Ghana. This brings the total number of rescued Nigerians in Accra in...

“All Things Bloom” Podcast Focused on Human Trafficking to Launch in August

[July 19, 2024, LEHIGH VALLEY, PA] – Bloom for Women, an organization dedicated to providing sanctuary and a continuum of care to heal, empower and...

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David Lohan is an author and researcher on modern slavery, otherwise known as human trafficking. He encountered the issue while working with an organization providing outreach services to refugees and asylum seekers. His first book on the subject, a co-authored work, explored the present-day use of Juju & Voodoo oaths to coerce Africans into the slavery. His latest work is At Freedom's Crossroads: Making Sense of Modern Slavery. David holds a bachelor's degree in engineering, several post-graduate diplomas and a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Politics.

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